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Top 10 Things To Do In Bermuda

Ever wondered what there is to do in Bermuda? We're going to investigate the popular vacation destination and see how it stacks up in terms of activities. Despite it's tiny size (20 miles by 2 miles), Bermuda offers an array of cultural influences, unique experiences and breath taking beaches. Let's check out the top 10 activities .....

  1. Visit Horseshoe Bay Beach, this is ranked Bermudas No.1 most popular beach for good reason. With pink sand and blue/green waters this stunning beach will definitely be worth a visit.

  2. Dolphin Quest Bermuda, you can interact with dolphins, even swimming with them at this unique experience located at the National Museum of Bermuda. Be sure to reserve your spot if this is in your plans, it's popular!

  3. Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, you can see amazing views of Bermuda's coastline from this location, the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world!

  4. Boat tours all around Bermuda. With so many options available there is something for everyone.

  5. St Peter's Church (in St George), is the oldest Anglican Church outside of the British Isles. For architectural buffs the church has features and styles dating from the 17th century onwards.

  6. Crystal and Fantasy Caves, are 120 feet below the surface and are one of Bermuda's oldest natural treasures. You won't be disappointed with the impressive limestone formations and subterranean lakes and passageways.

  7. Elbow Beach, with pink sands and crystal clear water this public beach is beautiful.

  8. Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo, this facility showcases many of the natural wonders that can be found throughout the Caribbean including seals, turtles, fish, monkeys birds and the first living coral reef exhibit in the world.

  9. Natural Museum of Bermuda, housed in Bermuda's largest fort you will find shipwreck artifacts, watercraft, a massive cannon and amazing views of Bermuda. 500 year of Bermuda history and culture are available to explore.

  10. Tobacco Bay, is known for good food and drinks, live music and relaxation combined with a fantastic beach where you can swim, chill, take a tour or do water sports.

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